Назад к списку

Who am I as an artist?

“Who am I as an artist?” is the most important question an artist has to answer and I’ll share some rambling thoughts on this topic. 

First off, what does this question mean? What is my work? What is my style? Who is my audience? What does my audience want and need from me? 

To me it means how I see myself as an artist. Not so much in the professional versus hobbyist way but in the sense of my current state of ease with my creative self. 

I am continually looking for my voice as an artist. Finding my artistic voice means continuing to explore new territory. It doesn’t have to mean going to the deepest darkest places (although it could), it may mean just going next door, in other words, picking up a different kind of brush. Doing the work is a priority. Painting and more painting will help to find that voice. 

We may think we have found it when we have huge success producing a certain type of work but if we stay there because of that success, we stagnate and our voice falters. 

So I paint from my heart listening to that inside voice that may want to take me elsewhere. I am not afraid to experiment and play with my ideas. And I feel my creative soul fulfilled and that’s what’s important. Sometimes I have to do the work that sells and if this fulfills me then great! 

But if there is a small voice inside me wishing and waiting to be heard then I let it speak because by responding, I will grow as an artist. Letting that voice speak will tell me who I am as an artist.